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Danny Gross is an internationally recognized Radio-Frequency Micro-Ablation Artist who uses the 2015 Thermo-Lo Radio-Frequency ablation machine for sebaceous hyperplasia treatment and assorted skin imperfections.

In his practice, Danny removes most any superficial, non-cancerous, non-viral imperfections from the skin from head to toe. In addition to Sebaceous Hyperplasias, he treats most common cosmetic skin imperfections including Sun Spots, Skin Tags, Milias, Benign Sebaceous Naive, Spider Veins, Anal Tags, Cherry Angiomas (blood spots on skin) and many more benign cosmetic skin growths.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment Las Vegas

Danny combines an in-depth knowledge of the theory of skin, a natural artistic ability, and years of experience working with skin imperfections and understanding how to remove them perfectly.

Danny has 11 years experience as an aesthetician with 10 of those including experience working with Radio-Frequency Ablation, make-up artistry, and teaching aesthetics theory. He has personally removed more than 10,000 skin imperfections with radio-frequency ablation.

sebaceous hyperplasia treatment las vegasIn 2015 Danny upgraded LV SkinPro to the 2015 Thermo-Lo RF system to access the most modern technology in radio-frequency ablation.

When comparing your options for resolving your skin imperfection needs it’s important to make serious inquiries into the training and experience of the estheticians you are considering.

Don’t risk a less than optimum result. Only trust the health of your skin to someone with an artist’s touch, the most up to date modern technology and the confidence that only comes from working with your exact skin imperfection hundreds of times in the past.

Danny’s first and foremost priority is providing his patients with complete satisfaction and relief from the anxiety and embarrassment of living with long time skin imperfections.